10 Random Things You Need in Your Pantry to be the Ultimate Health Goddess

10 Random Things You Need in Your Pantry

I use these random products from my pantry every single day. They work so well for me, that I wanted to share them with you, too. Sometimes I feel a little hippie, but I honestly think these are all amazing and I know you will too, if you try them! It’s taken years and years of experimenting with different superfoods, supplements and powders that I’ve really narrowed it down to a few that have stuck with me for some time now. I’ve noticed that my body gravitates for certain things at different times, so I think this list will be forever changing…but these are my favs for now! Have a look!

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Toasted Coconut & Hemp bars

Toasted Coconut Hemp Bars

I have recently become a little bit of a protein bar addict. I have absolutely no idea where this craving came from, but I just find them so convenient to snack on! I have decided to take on a mission to make my own protein bars. I love making my Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls and homemade…

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What’s In My Beauty Cabinet? Summer Essentials Beauty Guide

I have been getting this request for a while now and since it’s officially summer, I have decided to do a Summer Essentials Beauty Guide! This post is going to share with you my favourite beauty products and essentials that I have been loving lately! All products are my own opinion, this post is not sponsored in…

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Pad Thai

Got the Travel Bug? Here Are 10 Easy Recipes for You!

This past year, I had the pleasure of writing and producing recipes for the World of Wanderlust blog – a blog for everything travel started by my friend Brooke. These recipes were created to share my love for cooking internationally-known and loved cuisine. The following are my favourite recipes…and I know you guys will love…

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Important Tips for Young Entrepreneurs with The Juicery Co’s Alex Troll

Alex Troll, co-owner of The Juicery Co. here in Vancouver is a serious inspiration. Not only is this girl wholesome and down-to-earth, but she is incredibly driven. Starting her own family-run organic cold-pressed juice company in her young 20’s has been a huge success. The health movement here in Vancouver is responding well, too –…

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Summer Quinoa Salad

Hey friends! So I’ve finally moved into my new apartment in North Vancouver and I’m feeling a little more settled. I’ve always being a creature of habit, but I’m really am starting to learn that home is where the heart is. I am also learning that having 4 spatulas is not important, and that lugging…

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3 Day Cleanse

3-Day Pure Life Detox Plan

This month, my partner and I have embarked on a cleanse. This cleanse was designed by myself, with my knowledge that I’ve learned from my holistic nutrition program, where I am on my way to becoming a RHN (eek!). The cleanse was built to address many things, but mainly just to simply boost energy levels,…

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8 Restaurants You Need to Try in Berlin

Living in Berlin last year was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Berlin challenged me. It challenged me in my career, it encouraged my body to learn how to love and respect itself, it pushed my mental wellness into places I have not been before. Berlin forced me to make new friends,…

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Nature Yoga

5 Simple Tips to Living More Eco-Friendly

This month has been so inspiring! Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver absolutely rocked my socks off (anyone else!?) and it was Earth Day (shoutout to Earth for being so awesome). I connected with London Drugs to get to know a little bit more about their “What’s The Green Deal” campaign, which I am absolutely thrilled about!…

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